Performing Arts Collection
Series 1 : Productions 1977 - 2001

In this series each production is treated as a unit and has been given a number. See the list following: Handspan Theatre Productions, Parades, Festivals, Events and unrealised productions eg; Secrets 2002.024.1035.

The series contains all the material associated with the productions generation, performance and touring performances, including to schools.

Below is the numbering scheme used to categorise the material.

.001 Production

Research for script development & Scripts

Technical specifications, Sound & lighting cues, plots

Set designs, Music

Manager’s files, Artistic Director’s files & reports,

Display & scrap books

.002 Legal agreements: with theatres, festivals, managers royalities

.003 Administration

Executive Director’s files

Financial administration: budgets, ticketing, Income & expenditure. Sponsorship & fundraising,

Correspondence: general, touring, audience responses, mail outs

Schedules, touring, freight, accommodation,

Company personnel: auditions, letters of agreement- employment, cast & crew lists

.004 Programmes

.005 Publicity

Press clippings, Media kits, releases & reports, magazine articles.


Marketing newsletters,

Festival programmes

.006 Promotional:

Posters, flyers, brochures, leaflets, postcards, stationery

.007 Miscellaneous:

Awards/prizes. Education: teacher’s kits, activity books

.008 Photographs:

Prints, slides, negatives

Colour laser prints