Performing Arts Collection
Series 2 : Company Management 1977 - 2001

This series contains the company’s administrative documents including Board and other meeting minutes and reports. It contains membership and organisational details, financial and grant applications, also company promotional material

Below is the numbering scheme used to categorise the material.

.2000.001 Board & other

Minutes of meetings, Annual Reports

.2000.002 Membership

Members lists, applications & resignations

Company structure & documents: manifesto Corporate & Strategic plan

Minutes of meetings & reports

Company conferences/‘Dreaming’


Social functions

.2000.003 Legal Documents

Agreements: personnel, venues, other

.2000.004 Finances

Budgets, accounts,

.2000.005 Administration:

General Manager’s files & documents,

General files & documents,


.2000.006 Funding


Applications, agreements, correspondence

.2000.007 Promotion


Company profile folders,


Sponsorship & fundraising

.2000.008 Company Publicity

News clippings, articles, reviews