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Photo album
Photography - Albums
Cartes de visite album of theatrical performers, c.1860s-1870s
Performing Arts Collection
Brief Description: Cartes de visite album of theatrical performers, c.1860s - 1870s. Album, brown leather bound embossed cover with two brass clasps on front cover. Twenty-five leaves made from heavy card with four photographic visitation cards mounted on recto and four on verso. Names of the pictured identities have been handwritten in black ink below each image.
Dimensions: 280 x 230 x 60 (mm)
Item History: This leather-bound album featuring over 190 separate cartes de visite of Australian and international theatrical performers offers a comprehensive visual record of performance in Australia during the 1860s and 1870s. As a document it provides important evidence of the diversity of performance styles on offer at this time and illustrates just how robust the theatrical and entertainment scene was in Australia. Following the discovery of gold in Victoria during the 1850s, Australia became an important and lucrative destination for European performers. Performers represented in the album include actors such as Charles and Ellen Kean, Barry Sullivan and G.V. Brooke; opera stars W.S Lyster, Rosa Carandina, Julia Matthews and Ilma di Murska; and dancers the Leopold family who premiered many European ballets including Jules Perrot's 'Ondine' in 1861. The album also features rare images of influential circus and variety perfomers including tightrope walker Charles Blondin, magician Haselmeyer, and performers from the St Leon's and Burton's Circuses.
Credit Line: Purchased, 1992.
Carte de visite
Forde, Anna
Thompson, Clara
Prince Alfred - the Duke of Edinburgh
De Murska, Ilma
Sullivan, Barry
Lyster, Fred
Carandini, Rosina
Wiseman, Emily
Wiseman, Laura
Heir, R
Stewart, Docy
Moore, Maggie
Williamson, James Cassius
Coppin, George
O'Brien, Stuart
Cowan, Johnny
Roberts, Dick
Vincent, H.H
Milne, James
Vose, Val
Scott-Siddons, Mary Frances
Brooke, G.V.
Haselmayer, Louis
McGowan, Lachlan
McGowan, Mrs L
St. Denis, Marie
Rogers, G.H.
Lambert, J. C.
Edwin, Rose
Stewart, Docy
Theatre - Australia
19th century performers
Carte de visite photographs - Australia
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