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Mask from Medea by Mirka Mora
Playbox Theatre Collection
Performing Arts Collection
Mirka MORA (Artist) Australian (18/03/1928 - )
HOOPLA (Production company) (1976 - )
Playbox Theatre Company (Theatre Company) (1978 - )
EURIPIDES (Playwright)
Brief Description: Mask from "Medea" by Mirka Mora. For character of Medea. Gauze and plaster in papier mache styled mask. Foam inner and wire. Full sized head mask, with holes for eyes, mouth and nose. White face, eyes defined in black, blue, gold, silver and orange; mouth in black, orange and gold/grey. Purple headband extending into eagle crown of padded fabric hand painted in blue, gold and black. A green snake figure extends from either side of Medea's forehead, along with bunches of green leaves highlighted in gold. The scalp of the crown is white striped with gold paint. A network of wire and plastered gauzed strands representing hair extend from the back of the mask, painted black with gold and orange highlights.
Dimensions: 850 x 480 x 350 (mm)
Item History: Mask for the character of Medea in the Hoopla production of "Medea" 1979, Playbox Theatre, Russell St, Melbourne. Masks designed and made by Mirka Mora. Production directed by Murray Copland. Euripides verse translated by Philip Vellacott. The character of Medea was played by Robbie McGregor.
Credit Line: Gift of the Playbox Theatre Company
Hoopla Productions
Playbox Theatre Company
Mora, Mirka
McGregor, Robbie
Playbox Theatre
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