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Big Day Out Festival
Material relating to the Big Day Out Festivals can be found in a number of the popular music collections. The Performing Arts Collection contains a series of Big Day Out Photographs by Shellie Tonkin, material in the Nick Cave and Kylie Minogue Collections and photographs commissioned by photographer Emmanuel Santos. In 1996 the Big Day Out organisers also donated a collection of posters.
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Cave, Nick
The enigmatic and highly creative writer, songwriter and musician, Nick Cave established his career with the Birthday Party, The Boys Next Door and The Bad Seeds. More recently he has branched into new creative territory with a diverse array of writing, music and film projects. In 2003, Cave agreed to donate a collection to Arts Centre Melbourne both significant and intensely personal.
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Lawrence, Michel
The Performing Arts Collections holds a series of 79 photographs of Melbourne based performers taken by Michel Lawrence between 1978 - 1985.
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Milne, Peter
Melbourne-born Peter Milne is a documentary photographer notable for capturing icons of the Melbourne comedy scene from the 1980s to the 1990s. Black and white photographs by Peter Milne. Photography 1980s - 1990s.
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Music - Bands and Performers
Some iconic performers are represented here, from Nick Cave's major personal archive to Split Enz and Kylie Minogue costume collections and smaller holdings of material relating to Skyhooks and Hunters & Collectors. This section is also amongst our most diverse part of the collection with musicians ranging from classical instrumentalists and composers through to punk and metal bands.
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Nick Cave Exhibition Documentary
Iconic Australian musician, songwriter and author Nick Cave has been the subject of his own exhibition which began at the Arts Centre, Melbourne in November 2007 and toured nationally in 2009. The exhibition was seen by 351,000 people Australia-wide.
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Past Exhibition - Show Time: The Art Collection of Arts Centre Melbourne
Opening 12 July... Free - Gallery 1, Theatres Building (Under the Spire)
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Sydney Dance Company
Graeme Murphy was appointed Director of the Dance Company (NSW) in 1976, changing the company's name to Sydney Dance Company three years later. He created over 60 works for the Company and along with Associate Director, Janet Vernon, helped established the careers of well-known Australian dancers and choreographers. The donation of close to 300 items from the Sydney Dance Company is predominantly costumes, but also props, photographs and awards.
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