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Jacket worn by AC/DC guitarist Angus Young c1973
Performing Arts Collection
Angus Young (Performer) (/03/1959 - )
Margaret Horsburgh (Costume Maker)
Brief Description: Jacket - Blue velvet, with AC/DC monogram stitched on the pocket. Part of "School Boy" costume.
Dimensions: 610 x 440 (mm)
Item History: Worn by Angus Young, c1973 -1974, band member of AC/DC. Designed and Produced by Angus Young's sister Margaret Horsburgh. Angus Young, quoted by Brad Tolinski in AC/DC Programme for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2003 Induction: "My Sister came up with the idea back in 1973, when I was fifteen... As a kid, I'd come right home from school and pick up my guitar without changing out of my school uniform. At dinner time I'd still be in the suit playing away, she thought it was cute - It would give people something to look at." Margaret Horsburgh - sister of Angus and Malcolm Young - made Angus' costumes for a period of around 7 years commencing in the early 1970s. The costume in the collection dates from c1973 - 1974. Margaret could identify the period from the fabric and badge in particular that she had embroidered on her sewing machine. It is likely that this costume had remained in Angus' tour wardrobe [he travels with many dozen costumes] when it was donated in 1988. Angus costumes are now made professionally. (Conversation between Margaret Horsburgh and Janine Barrand, Director of Performing Arts Collection, 2009.)
Credit Line: Gift of Angus Young, 1988
Young, Angus
Music - rock
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